casino destinations other than Las Vegas

5 US casino destinations other than Las Vegas

Ask any random person on the street for the world’s most famous gambling city, and they would probably say Las Vegas.

The self-styled Entertainment Capital of the World hosts over 30 casinos on its main strip alone and another several dozen in the wider Vegas area. That includes some of the largest casinos in the US, and the most famous, like The Bellagio, the MGM Grand, Caesars, The Mandalay Bay, and many more.

However, if you aren’t too excited about the over-the-top glitz and city lights of Sin City – there are a few other great casino towns you can visit in the US.

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Atlantic City, New Jersey

– America’s second-biggest gambling city
– 11 casinos and resorts
– Excellent seafood and beaches

Atlantic City is definitely the second most known gambling city in America – with added coastal attractions. The casinos here are mostly dotted along the famous Boardwalk area right by the Atlantic Ocean.

First developed as a casino town in the late 1970s, Atlantic City was the first place on the East Coast to have legal casino gambling.

In the 80s, none other than future President Donald Trump would have a massive impact on the area. He convinced big-name boxers to bring their fights to Jersey City and opened several casinos here.
Interesting fact: Trump still owes a bunch of contractors in the city money, and many locals turned out to cheer when one of his closed casinos was demolished in 2021.

Apart from casinos and a classic slightly downturned Jersey Shore vibe, which can be a lot of fun, there are also beaches, great restaurants, and legal sports betting here.

The most famous and popular casino is probably Borgata or Hard Rock International.

Reno, Nevada

– Not too far from Vegas
– 23 different casinos and combined resorts – all in a few square miles
– Many museums, galleries, and desert walking tours

Sometimes called “The Biggest Little City in the World” Reno has a relatively small population (250,000 compared to Vegas’ 2.5 million) and is known for having a compact and easily walkable city center.

As well as casinos, every resort here has a number of other amenities too. The Peppermill is one of the oldest casinos in Reno and the biggest, with 1700 slot machines, 48 table games, 10 restaurants, and 1600 hotel rooms. You can even get a shuttle bus directly from the airport!

Because of its location on a mountain plateau, there are also loads of lovely nature walks in the Reno area – which can’t really be said for Vegas!

Chicago, Illinois

– Floating casinos!
– Old school style gambling
– Casinos are fairly spread out over the state

Illinois has some of the most unique casinos in the world. That’s because, for many years until very recently, casinos were allowed here if they were on a boat. لعبة أسماء الأفلام

Think back to the classic 19th-century gambling steamboats, except no smoking allowed, and you’ll get an idea of what to expect!

There really is no experience in any other casino cities like it. Just imagine playing a few hands of poker (maybe over a tall rum and Coke) in a decadent parlor on an old-fashioned riverboat chugging down the Mississippi.

They don’t move though. In fact, eight out of the fifteen “riverboat” casinos in Illinois never leave their docks! Out of the other seven, three aren’t even on a boat really at all.

In truth, they are basically land-based casinos – but they were built on top of stilted foundations in a pool of water six-feet deep. That’s one way to get around the regulations!

If you do visit Chicago, you won’t find any casinos in the city center itself, but there are 6 riverboat casinos dotted around the city’s suburban areas.

There are plans to launch a couple of land-based casinos in the center of The Windy City, but they have been stalled for the past couple of years for pandemic-related reasons.

Shreveport, Louisiana

– Authentic Southern gambling vibes
– More riverboat casinos
– Extremely popular and modern horse racing venue

Another city with riverboat casinos, Louisiana certainly is a bit more authentic with it than Illinois’ efforts.

As well as six different casinos, including the famous Harrah’s and an Eldorado Resort and Casino, Shreveport is also home to the Louisiana Downs Racetrack.

Players visiting this warm Southern city during the months of May to September can enjoy the day-out experience of this classic sport – directly from the balconies of Harrah’s casino and hotel, as it backs onto the racetrack.

Out of all the cities on our list, Shreveport has the best low-key small-town vibe. With just 150,000 residents, and that famous Southern hospitality and food, Shreveport is a destination for the quieter, less flashy players.

Your computer

– Hundreds of online casinos are available
– Play by yourself or live casino games with others
– No need to leave the house or travel at all

Lastly, we have the ultimate destination for those who can’t (or don’t want to) travel to any of the casino cities above – online casinos!

With more and more states legalizing playing online casino games in the US each year, chances are you might be in one of them.

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