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Travel to Toronto in winter 2021

It is a major metropolis as well as the capital of the province of Ontario. Toronto is one of the most cosmopolitan cities in the world with more than eighty ethnic districts.

Toronto is located in southeastern Canada. The city has an area of 630 km² and is located on the north shore of Lake Ontario.

Toronto’s closest neighbors are Mississauga and Brampton in the municipality of Peel, Vaughan and Markham in York, and Pickering in Durham.

Toronto contains numerous hills and valleys formed during the last ice age; the landscape has been compared to the famous hilly topography of San Francisco.

Visa to Canada

Getting a visa to Canada consists of 3 simple steps:

1. Consultation: the specialist of the Multifunctional Visa Application Centre will help you to identify the required type of visa, tell you about the procedure of getting the visa, advise on the minimum package of necessary documents, taking into consideration the purpose, terms of stay and the route of your journey, and will appoint you for the nearest available date of submitting the documents for the visa.

2. Filing of documents. It is possible to submit documents without your presence.

3. Visa obtaining.

The process of obtaining a Canadian visa is somewhat different from other countries, as Canada is a rather complicated visa country. This is due to the following factors:

First of all, it is important to remember that Canada is not one of the most visited countries by tourists. Visa to Canada is often obtained for visiting friends or relatives, business trips (negotiations or business conferences). Regular tourists only rarely go to the country to explore the culture of the people, see the architectural sights and learn more about the peculiarities of the country. These travelers, in most cases, already have a rich visa history, as they have already visited many countries. People who have never traveled abroad, it is quite difficult to get a visa to Canada. At the same time, it is worth bearing in mind that all documents at the embassy are reviewed comprehensively. It often happens that if several friends, acquaintances or close relatives go on a trip at once, and only one of them has not had any trip, his visa is approved.

Also Canada has the status of an immigration state, to which illegal immigrants often try to move. Therefore, the Consulate of Canada checks everyone who wants to get a visa to this state, including non-immigrants, with special vigilance. Each application is carefully reviewed, all information is studied, and the officer pays special attention to the stated purpose of the trip and guarantees to return to the country of permanent residence. For this purpose, the client must provide evidence to the Consulate that he/she has strong ties with foreign counties and that he/she has good reasons to return home.

The COVID situation

Restrictions are in effect for several countries, among them India, where the delta-mutation coronavirus has spread.

Canada opened its borders Sept. 7 to those foreigners who have been fully vaccinated against the coronavirus infection. They will be able to visit the country, including for leisure purposes.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Canada reported that only vaccination certificates from Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson & Johnson and AstraZeneca are recognized.

There are several requirements for foreigners wishing to visit the country. Vaccinations must be completed at least two weeks prior to entry. Also need to present a negative PCR test, register in a special application for travelers. For citizens of two countries, however, the road to Canada is closed, even despite the vaccination. They are Morocco and India. In the latter, a delta mutation of the coronavirus appeared.

The Canadian border has been closed to foreigners, including Americans, since March 2020. Some sanitary restrictions are still in effect in the country.

What to see in Toronto in 2021

There is a lot to see in Toronto. First and foremost is the CN Tower. It’s a symbol of the city that can be seen from many points in Toronto. It is the tallest free-standing building in the Western Hemisphere, one of the tallest towers in the world, attracting tourists with its original observation deck, part of which is equipped with a glass floor.

A walk down Young Street is a must, as it is one of Toronto’s main and busiest streets. There are plenty of restaurants, night bars, stores, and clubs that are popular with visitors to the city.
The next point is the Royal Ontario Museum. It is located in an unusual and original building of modern architecture. Externally, the structure resembles an orderly pile of geometric shapes or a huge crystal with irregular facets. The museum has over 6 million items: dinosaur bones, art, weapons, clothing, household items and more.

The original Casa Loma Castle was built in the early 20th century for the wealthy businessman Sir H. M. Pellat. After some time he sold the castle due to inability to maintain the property and pay taxes. The building was used as a hotel until the 1930s, and then passed to the state. The castle was turned into a tourist attraction. From time to time it is rented out for private events.
The new town hall is very unusual and consists of two towers of different lengths and a round building in the middle – a hall where the town council meets.

The old town hall is a historic building from the late 19th century. After the new building was built, they wanted to demolish the old one, but the citizens stood up for the architectural monument. These days, the historic architecture of the building complements the modern buildings in the vicinity.

Canada is famous for hockey, and the sport is literally worshipped here. Visit the Hockey Hall of Fame, an exhibit dedicated to the development and rise of Canadian hockey. Learn about the history of the NHL, read biographies of NHL greats and see hockey uniforms and equipment from teams around the world.

The people of Toronto consider their zoo to be the best in North America. The city’s zoo does boast of its size and species diversity. The entire area is divided into themed zones, each of which has its own microclimate. The most popular are the Mayan Ruins, the African Savannah, the Australian Pavilion and the American Pavilion.

Also you can try the School Study Tours in Toronto

Choosing a school is an exciting moment for both the child and his parents. Looking through dozens of best schools in Toronto and consulting with educational agencies, do not forget that it is a personal experience that will help you not only know, but also feel, where your child will be comfortable to study.

Why schools in Toronto Tours?

Benefits for you:

– Meet the principal and school staff and ask any questions you may have;
– See the school, the learning and living environment;
– Interact with students;
– Help you make a final decision with all aspects of both school performance and personal preferences.

What is usually included in services:

– Relocation;
– Accompanying a professional to help you with any questions you may have during the exam and
– meeting with the school principal.

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