How to sleep on the plane

How to sleep on the plane: 8 easy tips

Planning a trip to a faraway place is exciting, but in order to get to your dream destination, you might have to take a long-haul flight. To arrive feeling refreshed and ready to explore, you’ll want to sleep (at least a few hours) on the plane, but that can be tricky for even seasoned travellers. Noisy neighbours, rocky turbulence, crying babies — although distracting, these things are simply out of your control, so focus on what you can do to make your flight more comfortable. As a frequent flier who takes her sleep schedule very seriously, I’ve acquired some tips and tricks that I use on every long-haul flight. Here are our top tips for how to sleep on a plane. You can book your next flight on Blutravel to find the cheapest flight.

Night Is the Best Time to Fly

At night, our body is more inclined to sleep, and arriving at the airport in advance, you will not only have time to catch the flight, but also do everything you used to do before going to sleep: brush your teeth, read a book, or meditate. So you will get asleep like at home.

A Window Seat Is Perfect

By choosing a place to sleep you guarantee that no one will walk past you and ask you to get up to go out. Arrive at the airport early and have a better chance of choosing a seat near the window if you ask an airport employee to do so. It’s best not to choose seats in the back of the plane where the restrooms are close and don’t take seats at the beginning where families with young children like to sit. Stay close to the wings.

And fly direct whenever possible

To maximize your sleep time, choose direct flights whenever you can. If you choose two four-hour flights, you might be able to sleep for a few hours total, but if you opt for one eight-hour flight, you’ll be able to settle in and get cozy for several hours, feeling far more refreshed when you reach your destination. Plus, you won’t have to stress over making any connecting flights when you go direct.

Dress for the occasion

We all want to look like glamorous jet-setters upon arriving at our final destination, but this is one time when you might want to put comfort over style. A comfortable travel outfit is a must, and be sure to wear layers. Planes can range from toasty to downright freezing, so wear a cardigan or sweater to stay warm and cozy during your flight.

Get Comfortable

Sitting in one position for a long time can cause not only discomfort but also pain in your back. Recline your chair as you feel more comfortable, just make sure your neighbour behind you doesn’t mind.

Manage Scents

It is proven that the more pleasant the smell is around, the easier it is for a person to relax. In order to envelop yourself in your favourite scent during the flight, you do not need to pour yourself half a bottle of perfume. It’s enough to spritz the same travel pillow or scarf and put them nearby. By the way, there are essential oils that help you fall asleep faster, such as lavender oil.

Put Aside Electronic Devices

Therapists have long asserted that normalizing sleep is easy – it’s enough to give up gadgets a couple of hours before going to bed. Take a paper book or count sheep. Phones, tablets or laptops with their bright light will irritate the receptors of the brain and will not let you relax.

Don’t Unfasten your Seatbelt

Even if the signal to unbuckle your seat belt is lit, ignore it. Remember, if you fall asleep and your seat belt is not fastened, the flight attendant will wake you up when you hit turbulence. It will be harder to fall asleep again.

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