Budget-friendly things to do in Houston

Budget-friendly things to do in Houston

There are many bustling metropolises in the world, but nothing comes close to Houston. Especially in terms of the endless set of adventures to indulge in. America’s fourth-largest city has something in store for everyone. On the one hand, you can explore 300 miles of biking and hiking trails, and on the other hand, sample all kinds of cuisines from all across the world. You can jog at the Park or simply kayak on the padding trail of Armand Bayou.

Houston will amaze you with its list of free things. You can set your limit at 5 dollars, not including the donations or tips, and wait for the city to woo you. Here goes our final round-up of budget-friendly things you can do in Houston.

Spend moments of peace and quiet in Rothko Chapel

There are many contributions made by Dominique –De- Menil, and one such contribution is the Rothko Chapel. It is located in the vicinity of Menil Collection and is a non-denominational chapel named after Mark Rothko, a Russian Artist. You can grab a seat on one of the benches in the Chapel and revel in the beauty of the 14 enormous canvasses; witness the movement, depth, and colors in Rothko’s paintings, having adjusted to the ambient light.

Contemplate Sunset or sunrise at The Skyspace

The Twilight Epiphany Skyspace of James Turell is an art installation located at the campus of Rice University. This structure looks futuristic and has ground seating. If you ever visit https://houstoning.com/, you will find a mention of this place for the light sequence it has to offer. The grass-covered pyramid of the Skyspace has a flat roof of 72 square feet. LED lights illuminate the ceiling and act as the square’s frame opening in the middle and granting a sky view.

You cannot miss the 40-minute light shows here, which take place only during the Sunset and sunrise. These shows are free. The sequence begins 40 minutes before sunrise and 10 minutes prior to the Sunset. You will have a gala time watching the sky and the frames subtly changing color.

Calm down at the Waterfall

An oasis present in Uptown Houston is the Waterwall Park. This iconic fountain pumps about 11000 gallons of water over the outer semi-circular and inner walls every 3.5 hours. Once you walk past the brick and limestone portal called Scanae Frons, you will hear no street noise but only the sound of the gushing water.

The cool mist at this place will brush past your face. It feels surreal to sit on the benches shaded by oak trees lining the pathways that lead to the fountain. We recommend reaching the place by 8 AM as the Park opens at 8:00 AM sharp. Step inside, feel the cool mist spray your face, snap selfies, and forget about the summer heat inside the Waterwall’s “U.”

Catch a Miller Outdoor Theatre show

Is there anything better than unwinding on a grassy hill during a balmy evening in summer? We bet nothing, especially when you can watch a free show. The Miller Outdoor Theater located in the Museum District lets you catch iconic cultural performances, film screenings, and concerts. Be sure to check the Theater’s schedule not to miss out on something as enrapturing as this.

Watch the emerging bats at Waugh Drive Bridge

If you are already in Eleanor Tinsley Park, the Drive Bridge may seem like a no-brainer. All you have to do is discover a spot near the Waugh Drive Bridge and watch over 250,000 bats fly in a vortex pattern at dusk. It is an unusual sight to watch the bats hang topsy-turvy in the bridge’s crevices, feeding on insects.


There is so much to do in Houston that you are found to feel overwhelmed. You can spend the whole day meandering along the scenic trails below the towering pine trees, and sycamore in the Nature Center or simply jog at the Memorial park. No matter what you do, we hope you have a lifetime of fun soaking in the beauty of the vibrant sunrises, soft golden beaches, and chilled-out culture of Houston.

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