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5 reasons to live in Los Angeles

As if you needed more than one

Everyone comes to LA for different reasons, but the gist is, it’s got something for everyone, whether it’s the gorgeous beaches, or the alluring evening sunset, or just the skyline. If that’s not enough to pull you here, here are 5 reasons you might want to start living in Los Angeles.

1- You might catch your big break: The biggest reason people come to LA is the industry. It’s absolutely huge, and if you want to be a model, an actor, a director, or a singer, chances are, you might get through to your dream job pretty quickly. You have a better chance of being discovered in LA than in any other city, so if you’re willing to gamble with those odds, I suggest you pack up! Besides, the largest film industry in the world is based in LA, and you really can’t do better if you’re an aspiring artist hoping to make it big in the world.

2- The weather is absolutely amazing: It’s true that southern California doesn’t get a lot of rainy days, so the result is beautiful, long, sunny days almost all year around, with a temperate Mediterranean climate and clear blue skies. If that’s something you’re looking forward to, then get ready to hop on the next plane to LA because that’s what you get here!

3- The location is spectacular (but you already know that): It really doesn’t get better than this, so if you’re a person who gets bored easily, LA is the place for you. You could wake up and hit the beach, catch a few waves or even go surfing, and then go to Beverly Hills for a serene drive, while be in time to go get a drink with your friends in the evening. كرت اونو You could even sit at the Santa Monica pier and enjoy the sunset, or get on the Ferris wheel to enjoy the nighttime skyline, not just that there are so many attractions that would never leave you bored!

4- There’s so much to eat! Do you really still need another reason? I just gave you food! LA is one of those cities where you can have pancakes for breakfast, sushi for lunch and pasta for dinner. All in one day. Does it get better than that? If you’re a food lover, LA is the place for you. Food trucks and carts are popular so you can find food dishes from all over the world and at the end of the day, there’ll always be something you haven’t tried yet. hguhf h,k ghdk

5- Good education: If you’re a student thinking about college, LA is a great option for you to get your education. There are over 100 colleges within 50 miles of LA, such as UCLA, Pepperdine or Loyola Marymount University, which have consistently ranked amongst the best universities. موعد انطلاق يورو 2022 So, if you’re looking for place to complete your education as an undergraduate, or graduate student, LA is a great option to consider.

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